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"Single people should have tax relief"

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According to women in the Norwegian Labour party, it is too expensive to live alone in Norway, so they want a tax relief for one-person households.

“We think it’s important to focus on this group. Many have a hard time financially, living alone. I think it’s wrong that people over the age of 30 have to have roommates in order to live in the large cities,” says Karita Bekkemellem Orheim to the Norwegian paper Dagbladet. She is the head of the Labour party’s women organization.

740,000 people live alone in Norway today. One-person households are over represented in low income groups, according to numbers from Statistisk sentralbyrå, an agency which conducts surveys.

Bekkemellem Orheim claims a tax relief would be the easiest way to financially assist people living alone.

“This is one of the things which is easiest to put into life. An action like this also costs, but I think that it's absolutely worth it to give them their own tax bracket or deduction. This is something we want to focus on,” says Bekkemellem Orheim, but she underlines that this must take place within today’s total tax scope.

The tax relief suggestion is one of the proposals from “the single group” within the Labour party’s women’s organization.

The organization also suggests that commerce and service sectors should be encouraged to offer their services directed to one-person households, and that local governments adopt a charge system where people pay according to consumption. Furthermore, they suggest that Husbanken should adopt a more flexible system for financial housing grants.

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