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- Lindh suspect admitted the murder to his mother

The man charged with the murder of Sweden’s foreign minister Anna Lindh fell apart and allegedly confessed to his mother that he committed the murder.

During a questioning at the police Mijailo Mijailovic (24) denied killing the Swedish foreign minister September 10.

Few days later

However, it was already publicly known that the police had collected DNA evidence pointing at the 24-year-old, something which connects him to the crime scene.

Already a few days after the murder took place, Mijailovic allegedly told his mother what happened that day at the NK mall, and told her how he committed the murder, according to the Swedish paper Expressen.

Acquaintances of his mother relayed the information to the police.

To his mother the man allegedly said he was at the mall when he saw Anna Lindh. He lost it and with a stolen knife he stabbed Anna Lindh to death in the clothes store Filippa K.

Many details

The explanation he gave his mother was allegedly full of details, and he said what he did the time before the murder.

He also told about the escape, and how he took a cab home from down town Stockholm.

His mother was shocked, and when she saw the pictures of the so-called “NK man”, she recognized her son.

The pieces fall in place

“Furthermore, several other pieces have fallen into place because the son shaved off his hair and eyebrows.”

The mother told close acquaintances of her son’s confessions, and they told the police. The police then started to take great interest in the man.

According to Expressen, the police and the prosecuting authority do not need him to formally admit to the murder in order to get a conviction because of the strong technical evidence that connects him to the murder scene.

“But in order to find out about a possible motive we need his cooperation during questioning,” said a source at the police to Expressen.

No new interviews

Mijailovicis is in bad shape and is held in a special cell at the prison at Kronoberg.

He has allegedly not been questioned more than one time, and new interviews have not been scheduled until later this week.

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