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19-year-old denied marriage

He has a driving license and the right to vote, but the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) claims the 19-year-old from Drammen is too immature to get married.

Aleksander Thonander, 19, from Drammen said he feels discriminated because the UDI claims he is too immature to get married. His 20-year-old wife is denied entry to Norway because the authorities claim the two of them have a pro forma marriage.

«I feel that Norwegian authorities do not accept the choice I have made,» Thonander said to the Norwegian television channel NRK.

Married for a year and a half
The 19-year-old has been married to Anmol, an Indian national, for a year and a half. The two of them got married December 17, 2002, in her village in India, but the visa applications were denied, and Anmol was forced to remain in India.

When Thonander a month ago returned to India in order to try to get his wife to Norway, he received a letter from UDI at the Norwegian embassy in New Dehli. The document states clearly that he is too immature to enter into a legal marriage.

Not denied if with a Norwegian
Karl Erik Sjøholt, department director in UDI, agreed that it may not have been a problem if Thonander had married a Norwegian girl.

He confirms to NRK that the rejection from UDI contains a section that states that Thonander is too immature to enter into a marriage. But Sjøholt stresses that UDI follow regulations that give the authority the right to use such reasons to deny family reunion.

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