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200 police jobs vacant

Lack of resources is the main reason why the police are not capable to investigate all the crimes reported. A total of 200 police jobs are vacant in Norway.

While the police chiefs are bragging of the 10 percent decline in the crime statistics in 2003, TV 2 could yesterday reveal a number of points in the police force that are not up to standard.

Allegedly one of the reasons why the crime numbers have declined is because the police just do not have the resources to investigate all cases and these cases are then not included in the statistics. The lack of resources is so considerable that not all of the posts in the police are filled.

“We have many vacant positions which are not advertised because of the budget situation, and the result is that there are fewer police officers to investigate, and that is something which will be noticed over time,” said Arne Johannessen, head of Politiets Fellesforbund, the police officers labor union, to TV 2.

Johannessen confirmed that there are about 200 vacant positions in Norway today. Most of them are vacant due to lack of money. In addition, substitute jobs remain unfilled. This weakens the police’s ability to investigate crime cases.

“The police are supposed to prioritize violence cases, and in a stressed day with many calls waiting, every policeman and woman has to make difficult decisions” Johannessen said.

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