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230,000 fear unemployment

In spite of the increasing optimism and indications that the labor market is improving, 230,000 Norwegians are afraid of loosing their jobs.

At the beginning of 2003, 11.2 percent answered that they could not be sure that they had a job out the year. This year there are 10.2 percent who share that opinion, according to a survey conducted by Sentio-Norstat on behalf of the paper Nationen.

More men than women are sure of keeping their jobs and inhabitants in the capital feel safer in their jobs than people in smaller towns and in the districts. However, it is the people in the north who feel most secure about their jobs, and people in the south feel the least secure.

A noticeable difference is connected to salary level. While 68 percent of the people who have an income over NOK 400,000 (USD 57.000) believe their job are secured, while only 20 percent of the people who have an income between NOK 100,000 and 200,000 (USD 14,000 and 28,000) believe the same.

“Some probably have a real fear of being unemployed,” said Hans Kure, deputy director at Aetat, the federal employment office, to the paper. “Even if we expect the unemployment to decrease, there will always be some people who are affected.”

Kurs stated that he thought it was interesting that fewer are insecure of their jobs today than a year ago. He claims that this is in accordance to the way Aetat is experiencing development of the labor market.

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