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3000 Iraqis may be deported

The waiting period for Iraqi asylees in Norway is over. More than 3000 Iraqis may be sent back to their mother country.

The treatment of over 2000 asylee applications have been stopped for almost a year because of the war in Iraq, but as of Monday the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration and the Immigration Appeals Board will reopen the treatment of applications of asylum because they now claim that it is possible to get enough information to make decisions, reports the radio channel Kanal 24.

Shwan Wahed, a Kurd who has been living in Norway for four years, said he is disappointed in the decision. He said he hopped that Norwegian authorities would not resume the investigations any time soon.

His friend, Sirwan Mohammad, also he a Kurd, has been a resident at Veumalleen federal facility at Fredrikstad of more than a year together with his wife and two small children. Sirwan said he fears that he and his family will be deported, and he claims the situation in his mother country still is too dangerous.

«If we are sent back, we are facing an uncertain future,» Sirwan said to the radio channel.

However, Terje Sjeggestad, the director of the Immigration Appeals Board, claims that it is now safe for Kurds to return to northern Iraq.

«The situation in these areas is probably even better than before the war broke out,» Sjeggestad stated.

In addition to the 2000 applications which have not been considered, about 1000 Iraqis have already been denied asylum in Norway. These people will be forced to leave Norway Monday.

At the facility, the asylum seekers have been watching pictures from Iraq where an explosion have killed 25 people in Baghdad.

«How can Norwegian authorities claim that it is safe for us in Iraq?» Shwan Wahed asked.

He states that he refuses to return to Iraq and if he gets is application denied, he has a back up plan.

«I’m planning a trip to the North Pole.»

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