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4000 Norwegian farms closed down

The number of Norwegian farmers who give up and close down their farms is accelerating.

During the last year, as many as 4000 Norwegian farmers gave up trying to make a living on agricultural production, according to numbers presented by Statens landsbruksforvaltning, the federal agency for the protection of agriculture.

10,000 farmers have thrown in the towel during the last three years, according to the Norwegian paper Nationen. 58,897 farmers applied for federal subsides last summer. At the end of this year the number was reduced by 4000, a decline of seven percent, something which indicates that the number is accelerating.

The greatest decline has been registered in the Agder counties and Hordaland. There has also been a noticeable decline in Troms and Finnmark.

Bjarne Undheim, head of Norges Bondelag, states that the numbers are dramatic.

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