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44 near-collisions in Norwegian aviation

Norwegian airliners were seconds from colliding in midair over Norwegian airspace on 44 separate times last year. All Norwegian ATCs must now be certified in new regulations.

02.04.04 10:40

The Civil Aviation Authority-Norway registered 44 serious aviation almost collisions with airplanes during 2003. In addition, there were 24 incidents were the Air Traffic Controllers (ATCs) were involved in situations which created danger, according to the Norwegian paper Dagsavisen.

In a report which will presented in the near future, the authority has started to use a new standard for classification of accidents and incidents.

The report reveals that as much as 68 aviation incidents were registered last year. 44 of them were almost collisions in midair, which means that the planes have been less than 3000 feet or less than 1000 meters apart. The planes have several times been seconds from colliding.

Eight of the almost collisions have been between civil and military planes. Several of these incidents include planes from the airline Widerøe, and the Accident Investigation Board/Norway (HSLB) is going to investigate this connection.

«Close passes with other airplanes most often occur during approaches or take offs from airports when we are dealing with other traffic as well,» explained Klas Jonsson, air leader at SAS, to the paper.

Every time something occurs, it must be reported internally in the company and to the Civil Aviation Authority-Norway.

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