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45 survived bus accident

A Russian tourist bus went off the road at Heradsbygda north of Hønefoss Tuesday morning. 45 passengers were sent to Ringerike hospital, eight of them with serious injuries.

The Russian tourist buss did not manage the new roundabout, went off the road, and turned over at least once before it came to a stop several meters down from the road.

The accident occurred just after 7:30 a.m. Tuesday, in the intersection at highway 7 and E16 toward Hallingdal and Fagernes about 4 kilometres north of Hønefoss.

Tipped over the guardrail
The buss went off the road in a narrow roundabout, tipped over the guardrail, and rolled down the slope.

«Most likely, the driver had a little too much speed in the new and narrow roundabout,» said Ben Mich, driver for Nettbuss Ringerike, to TV 2 Nettavisen.

«The bus is standing on all four wheels now, but its roof is damaged so it probably turned over.»

Mich was about to fetch pupils with his schoolbus, but arrived quickly at the scene to assist police and ambulance personnel.

Four sent with the ambulance
Around 8 a.m., he drove about 40 passengers to Ringeriket hospital for a medical check up. None of them were children. Four people who were seriously injured were sent by ambulance.

A few hours after the incident it was clear that none of the passangers had life threatening injuries, but eight of them are treated for fractions.

Both Medi Vac and ambulances from Buskerud, Oslo and Akershus were sent to the accident scene. As of now, it is unknown how extensive the injuries of the passengers are. The police are at the scene.

«The driver of the bus was in shock, and I tried to calm him down,» Mich explained.

He said that there was no state of panic at the accident scene.

Traffic runs well
«Since the bus is standing with all its wheels off the road, the traffic is running smoothly passed,» said Mich to TV 2 Nettavisen.

It has rained in the area, but it is still not known if this is the reason for the accident.

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