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56,500 newborn Norwegians

Foto: Scanpix
56,500 babies were born in Norway last year, raising the population to 4,577,200 people.

Norwegian women gave birth to a total of 56,500 children last year, according to Statistics Norway.

The number is an increase of 1100 from the year before. At the same time, 1700 less people died in 2003 compared to the year before. Norway therefore had an excess of births equal to 13,700 persons.

Highest in the capital
The highest number of children was born in Oslo. A total of 8300 children were born in the capital last year, followed by 6300 in Akershus, 5700 in Hordaland, and 5400 in Rogaland.

Numbers from Statistics Norway indicates once again that there were an access of deaths over births in Hedmark, Oppland and Telemark.

However, even though a higher number of children was born in Norway last year, the number is still lower than it was in the end of 1990s. In average 60,000 children were born annually during the 1990s.

Fewer immigrants
The Norwegian population was in January 4,577,200, an increase of 25,000 people from 2002. The increase is due to the access birth rate in addition to immigration ascending emigration of 11,250 persons.

Last year, 35,900 people moved to Norway, while 24,700 moved away from Norway. The numbers from Statistics Norway indicate that the immigration decreased.

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