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Adoption agencies refuse gay couples

Even if the Norwegian parliament may give gay couples the right to adopt, the decision will only have symbolic meaning as adoption agencies do not accept homosexual lifestyles.

«Homosexual adoption is not up for discussion in the countries we adopt from,» said Kristin Holtedahl, team coordinator for adoption at the agency Verdens Barn, to the Norwegian daily Bergens Tidende. «That way of life is not accepted; in some countries it’s even illegal to be homosexual.»

Only symbolic
As a result, even if Stortinget allow homosexual couples to adopt, it may only be symbolic for homosexual couples who want to adopt a child from abroad.

None of the countries Verdens Barn and Adopsjonsforum, the two largest adoption agencies in Norway, work with accept that the couple who want the child is living in a homosexual relationship.

According to the paper, in China, where most of the children in Norway are adopted from, the adopting parents have to sign a statement that they are not gay.

New law
Jens Stoltenberg, head of the Norwegian Labor party, said his party would work actively in order to give homosexual couples the right to adopt. As a result, Stortinget may post a law giving homosexual couples the right to adopt as soon as this fall.

In other words, the Labor party is following the lead of Socialist Left party, the Agricultural party and the Liberal party, according to the paper Dagsavisen. In addition, several representatives in the Conservative party have signaled that they will vote in favor of homosexual adoption, and as a result, there will be a majority in favor of homosexual couples right to adopt.

Norway may become the second country in the world to accept adoption by homosexual couples. Homosexual couples have had the right to adopt in Sweden since February of last year.

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