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Air traffic up an running again

Foto: Håvard Solem, TV 2 Nettavisen
The air traffic is up and running again, but the chaos continues in the wake of the shut down Monday. So far 30 departures have been cancelled.

There were long lines at Gardermoen airport Tuesday morning, and 30 of the departures have already been cancelled, reported TV 2.

«The situation is a little better than yesterday,» said Jo Kobro, head of information at Gardermoen airport, to TV 2 Nyhetene. «The planes are up and running, but with limited capacity.»

He urges everyone travelling to meet at the scheduled time.

«We currently have a movement of 15 planes every hour, in stead of 60 as on a normal day, and the result is cancellations, delays and lines,» Kobro said apologetically.

«The traffic is up and running again, but there are significant limitations,» reported Ove Narvesen, head of communication in Avinor, to the Norwegian news bureau (NTB) Tuesday morning. «These limitations are instituted because currently only one of five sectors is opened.»

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