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Airport strikes prevented

Foto: Håvard Solem, TV 2 Nettavisen
Strikes at Norwegian airports were prevented after the parties finally reached a solution Thursday, 16 hours on overtime.

Travellers do not have to worry after all as the parties came to an agreement Thursday.

A compromise was reached where the employees who have been ordered to work more, will also get the largest compensation. In addition to this compensation discussion, there was a discussion connected to the ordinary wage settlement.

The employees’ demand to have their pension plans continued was also met. They settled for the same freeze solution as other groups in Norway have managed to obtain. Continuation of a number of special agreements was also granted.

«I’m pleased that an agreement has been reached, and pleased that we have reached agreement with the parties regarding new agreements,» said Randi Flesland, CEO in Avinor, in a press release. «Considerable changes, among other things in the working hours, are required in order to secure effective operation of the airports.»

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