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«Al Qaeda has roots in Norway»

There are clear indications that Al Qaeda also has roots in Norway, according to senior researcher Jonathan Stevenson at the International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS).

Stevenson stated that research indicates that Norway is one of 60 countries where the terror network has cells. According to the Norwegian paper Dagbladet, IISS conducts independent evaluations of the security situation in the world, and they base their conclusions on intelligence sources, among other things.

«In regards to Norway, we do not have concrete intelligence information to build on, but an evaluation of Norway’s role in Iraq indicates that Al Qaeda also has roots in Norway,» stated Stevenson to the paper.

Stevenson claims it is conspicuous how many times Norway has been mentioned by terror organizations as a possible place to execute terror actions.

About half of Al Qaeda’s 30 top leaders and as much as 2000 of its foot soldiers are estimated killed or apprehended during the last couple of years, but IISS estimates that the network still has 18,000 potential terrorists in its lines.

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