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Alan Shearer shocked by penis questions

Sist oppdatert:
Norwegian entertainer extraordinaire Kristopher Schau has shocked his audience again: This time he put Newcastle star Alan Shearer on the spot and asked questions he never been asked before.

Schau has made it into an art to shock the Norwegian people.

Shearer was evidently uncomfortable and did not at all appear to enjoy being interviewed by the TV celebrity Schau in the Vål’enga Magasin show.

Together with his brother Aleksander, Schau interviewed Shearer by phone, and the soccer star was asked questions he definitely not been asked before, according to the Norwegian paper VG.

Schau asked a direct, strait-on question of what Shearer did with his penis after taking a leak.

When Shearer, who probably is too flabbergasted to answer, didn’t say a word, Schau offered his assistance and repeated the question.

Shearer finally carefully answered that he really did not want to answer the question; Schau informed that he shakes his penis after urinating.

Among the other questions Shearer were asked was the question of what type of music he plays to when he washes the blood from a hobo out of the truck of his car.

Kjetil Siem, Vålerenga managing director, does not want to comment the interview, but said to the paper that he would use some time on the conditions for the interview. Lars Bohinen, who knows Shearer personally, had advised the Schau brothers not to interview Shearer in this way.

Schau has made it into an art to shock the Norwegian people. Last summer, Schau and his team were hired on entertained the crowd at the Quart music festival, and he managed splendidly to piss them off, getting exactly what he wanted.

The group blew up rats and hamsters all over the audience when they tried to make so-called «organic balloons» by filling the animals with helium. Schau also attached an engine to a carcass of a pig and used it as a boat . The audience was appalled and the animal rights activists were furious.

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