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Alcohol consumption connected to education and income

Norwegians drink more alcohol, but the increase is largest among the wealthy and Norwegians with higher education. Norwegian researchers found a connection between education, income and alcohol consumption.

The Norwegian institute for national health has measured Norwegians’ alcohol consumption between 1993 and 2000. The result indicates that the alcohol consumption during these seven years has increased with 20 percent.

“The main function of this survey has not been to find out how much Norwegians drink, but alcohol consumption connected to people with little or high education,” said Bjørn Heine Strand to the Norwegian news bureau (NTB).

High social status – more alcohol

The people with high social status have the largest increase in alcohol consumption, stated Strand and his colleague Asbjørn Steiro in the Norwegian medical association magazine.

The study indicates a connection between higher education and drinking wine. In addition, income appears to play a major role in connection to alcohol consumption.

Strand and Steiro stated that there is not necessarily a connection between the people who have higher education and the people who have a high income, but both groups consume a lot of alcohol.

According to Strand and Steiro, both factors have about the same effect on alcohol consumption.

People living in eastern Norway have the highest alcohol consumption. In the capital men drink in average 4.6 litres of pure alcohol annually, about 50 percent more than men living in the southern or western part of Norway. Women in Oslo and Akershus consumes in average 2.4 litres more alcohol than women in southern and western part of Norway.

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