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Alcohol habits influenced by eye color

A new research report indicates that eye color influence drinking habits, and people with blue eyes are more likely to drink themselves to courage in social settings.

The Nordic drinking pattern where people drink themselves into a stupor on the weekends is often criticized. Research indicates that this is hereditary and influenced by the many blue-eyed people in the Nordic region.

A research project presented by Eric Nævdal, researcher at the Agricultural University of Norway and Princeton University, indicates that there is a connection between blue eyes and drinking patterns.

Blue-eyed persons appear to be more constrained or shy in a larger degree than others and use alcohol to fight this in social settings.

According to Nævdal, a drinking pattern will evolve if there are a certain number of blue-eyed people in a setting over time and it will spread to people with brown and green eyes.

«Blue-eyes are a typical example of something that is genetically or hereditarily coded, and of the shyness is part of the package, it is also genetically coded,» Nævdal said to the Norwegian paper VG. «If we look at the prejudices that exists in Europe, this fits well with the way a person from southern Europe would describe a Scandinavian, reserved and not very proactive.»

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