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Anette Sagen was given the okay

Sist oppdatert:
Annette Sagen got the permission to jump in ski flying after all. She is surprised by the sudden change of heart.

«I was just completely taken back, when they called and said that I was going to jump at Vikersund after all,» Sagen explained.

Ole Gunnar Fidjestøl, former ski jumper and jury member at this weekend’s continental cup at Vikersund, said Wednesday that Sagen, Line Jahr, Swedish Helena Olsson and American Lindsay Van will be allowed to be test jumpers during the continental cup Saturday.

19-year-old Sagen does not think that Torbjørn Yggeseth, the International Ski Federation leader, is going to stop her now.

«I think I will be allowed,» Sagen said. «I choose to think so even though a small part of me says that it is still possible that we are stopped.»

She is not concerned for her own safety, and she hopes to jump more than 200 meters.

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