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Angel dust seized in Oslo

The Oslo police have for the first time in Norway confiscated PCP in pill form. The police warns against the drug often called angel dust.

The department for organized crime in Oslo police district has at several different occasions the last couple of days seized pills containing PCP, according to Oslo police district.

It is at least 10 years since PCP was seized in Norway and the drug has never before been confiscated in pill form.

The police are now issuing a warning against the drug.

Many side effects
According to the police, the chemical name of the drug is phencyclidine, often shorted to PCP.

The high from PCP is considered to be very strong and the drug has many side effects. Users may become delusional and aggressive and get a high pain limit.

Violent and bizarre behaviour
«Overdosing on PCP may lead to a bizarre, violent and self destructive behaviour and persons affected by PCP can in given situations be a threat to their surroundings,» stated Henning L. Irvung at the information department at Oslo police district.

PCP was developed in the 1950s as a painkiller, but its use in humans was discontinued in 1965 because of its many side effects.

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