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Another mini sub missing

Yet another mini submarine packed with advanced equipment has vanished without a trace from the Norwegian coastline.

About a week ago, an American mini submarine disappeared outside Kristiansand, Norway.

During the training «Blue Game» Saturday outside Larvik in Vestfold, something went wrong once more, reported TV 2 Nyhetene.

Captain Thom Knustad, press and information officer in the Norwegian military, confirmed that the Brits have lost a mini submarine as well.

Minesweeper HMS Penzance has sent out a message to all boats in the area to be on the look out for the ROV of the type PAP 104 Mk5.

The remote controlled submarine is used to look for mines. Similar to its American counterpart, it is filled with advanced equipment that the owners really do not want in the hands of unauthorized personnel, and the little thingy is worth millions.

In other words, there are currently two searches in Norwegian waters, as the American Navy has also lost its mini submarine. The expensive unmanned sub disappeared a week ago, and it is still missing even if four specially trained dolphins have been put on the case to locate it.

However, it is not only in Norway that submarines disappear. The fishing boat «Marie Helene» got an unusual catch in Skagerrak Monday morning when it got a German submarine in the fishing net. The German submarine was probably participating in the same training mission as the two other missing submarines.

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