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Argument over gay rights

Sist oppdatert:
Foreign Minister Jan Petersen wishes to give homosexuals the opportunity to enter into partnership at Norwegian embassies, but Minister of Children and Families Affairs says no.

Foreign Minister Jan Petersen said he wishes to expand the opportunity to enter into same-sex marriages abroad.

It is currently only possible to enter into a registered partnership at the Norwegian embassies in Stockholm and in Haag because Norwegian partnerships are also legally valid in Sweden and the Netherlands.

In a letter to the Ministry of Children and Family Affairs, Petersen asked his colleague Laila Dåvøy to look into the possibilities of expanding on this right, even if registered partnerships is not legally binding in the country where it is entered into.

The request was originally made by Socialist Left politician, Siri Hall Arnøy.

The Minister of Children and Family Affairs advises against an expansion in her reply to the Petersen, but she admits that there is nothing that direct prevents the expansion of the right to enter into registered partnerships at embassies in countries that have not acknowledged same-sex marriages.

The reason for the request is the wish to ensure that people who enter into registered partnerships have the same rights as married couples. In the case of traditional marriages there is also a demand that the marriage must be legally valid in the country where it takes place.

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