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Attackers film assaults

When the attackers jumped two randomly selected young boys in Sweden, they were careful to catch everything on tape.

The new trend of filming attacks on random persons is reportedly a trend from the US that now has made its way to the Nordic region.

«I have never seen anything like it,» said Nils Ivar Jørnsson, leader of Stockholm police’s youth group, to TV 2 Nyhetene. «I think it’s terrible. It’s aggravated violence.»

The video that was released Thursday show two randomly selected youth being attacked. The strange thing is not the brutal violence per se, but that the attack is also filmed and appears to be planned.

Two weeks ago a gang in Trondheim filmed themselves while they bashed a 13-year-old boy.

«The new thing is that they film in the violent act,» said Ranghild Bjørnebekk, violence researcher at the University of Oslo, to TV 2 Nyhetene. «The films are published on the Internet.»

The phenomenon has existed in the US for a long time, but has just now emerged in Norway.

Two weeks ago a 13-year-old boy attacked another 13-year-old while a buddy filmed the entire incident. The same things have happened all over the country.

«This has something to do with them wanting fame and to be proud of themselves,» Bjørnebekk said. «They want something to talk about. The violation of the victim also increases.»

Bjørnebekk said she thinks this phenomenon will become more common.

«The interesting thing is that the group become more vulnerable if they are caught by the police because the evidence is right there,» Bjørnebekk said.

The two Swedish victims received head injuries, but both of them survived.

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