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Author donates one million to Afghanistan

Åsne Seierstad, the much discussed author, dismissed that she tried to buy herself out of delicate case as she donates NOK 1 million of the income from “The Bookseller of Kabul” to the Afghanistan committee.

More than half of the money will be used to build a school, one fourth will be used to finance a midwife education, and the final part will be used for a school library in Afghanistan, according to the paper, Dagbladet.

Seierstad stressed that she did not give away the money to buy herself out of the delicate case.

“It is possible that my critics will say this is indulgence, but I decided already last year that I would give away a part of the money,” Seierstad said.

Seierstad said she has seen so much suffering in the country that it would be immoral to keep all the money from the book.

“Even if it often sounds like I do not think there is any hope for Afghanistan, I still believe in education. I want to help them so they can change their country,” Seierstad said to Dagbladet.

“The Bookseller of Kabul” has sold for millions in both Norway and abroad, but Seierstad said it would be unnatural of her to be rich.

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