Author raises questions of King Olav’s real father

King Olav of Norway has a striking resembles to Guy Francis Laking. Are they brothers, father and son, or do they just happen to look alike? A new book raises questions of paternity.

14.10.04 11:30

In the new book «Folket», author Tor Bomann-Larsen states that Queen Maud’s personal physician Sir Francis Laking or his son may have been King Olav’s biological father.

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TV 2 Nettavisen has gotten access to a picture of Sir Francis Laking’s son, Guy Francis Laking, and in the picture he looks a lot like Crown Prince Olav did in the years just before the WWII.

The author writes that Olav’s biological father may have been Queen Maud’s personal physician, Sir Francis Laking, who treated the Queen during a secret hospital stay in London in October 1902. Bomann-Larsen states that Laking may have been the sperm donor, but he does not exclude the doctor’s son as a possible sperm donor.

Bomann-Larsen has gathered his information from a number of sources at the European royal houses and from public archives. He does not draw any final conclusions.

News to the King
King Harald writes in a press release that this is new information to him.

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According to a press release, «The King has no information which indicates that King Olav was not the son of King Haakon. Prince Carl was, after a referendum in 1905, elected by Stortinget as the monarch of Norway as King Haakon VII, with his wife Maud as queen and their son Olav as crown prince.»

However, the King stressed that everyone is free to interpret the information as they wish.

«Every author has the right to present his or her understanding of history,» wrote King Harald, which of course also include Tor Bomann-Larsen’s biography of King Haakon and Queen Maud.

Not read the book
Wenche Rasch, head of information at the Royal Court, said to TV 2 Nettavisen, stated that the King has not read the book.

«The king has not read the book,» Rasch said. «We have not seen the book.»

She said that they did not wish to comment the case further at this time.

Informed the Prime Minister
«This is information that shocks us all,» said Hans Fredrik Dahl, professor and historian. He claims the relationship between King Haakon and Olav now has to be viewed in a completely different light.

The Royal Court stated the information brought forward by Bomann-Larsen in April/May of this year will not have any constitutional consequences, however, the Royal Court decided all the same to inform Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik in August of this year.

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