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Bagle.B beats Mydoom

As of yet, Bagle.B’s agenda is not known, but the worm has already surpassed Mydoom’s record of virus numbers of computers infected.

As Mydoom just fades, a new terror is threatening the world’s computers. Bagle.B is a new worm which moves quickly via e-mail and tries to trick the recipient to open attachments.

As of yet, no reports have been issued on how many machines that have been infected by the new worm, but the e-mail traffic which is stopped on its way to deliver virus infested mail to computers, has already overflowed the most significant international measuring stations.

«Bagle.B is about to reach Mydoom’s volume, currently the most widespread worm we have ever seen,» said Steinar Wigtil, head of development at Norman.

Bagle.B is very similar to Mydoom, but it is not programmed to attack specific websites like Mydoom was. Bagle.B installs a backdoor which can be used at a later date.

«We think it is an upgrading mechanism,» Wigtil stated. «In the mildest scenario, the virus may be similar to Mydoom and is preparing an upgrading of a new virus, but since the gates are open we do not know what kind of plans the virus writers have or what programs they are planning to load.»

The virus appears to be rather invisible for the ordinary user, but it opens gates which make it possible to install programs which also are damaging to ordinary users.

Experts do not as of yet know what agenda these virus creators have and that is a major problem in itself.

«The problem with all the worms we have seen lately is that they are building up a system of machines which can be taken over, they are building an infrastructure,» Wigtil stated.

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