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Ball flew past referee's head after game

Vålerenga’s manager Kjetil Rekdal kicked the ball hard towards the referee after his team lost against Lyn Sunday. Even if referee Terje Hauge does not report the incident, Rekdal may be shut out.

27.10.03 12:58

VÅLERENGA - LYN 0-1: The ball flew passed the head of the unsuspecting referee.

“I was going to shoot the ball over to the referee, but I almost got a shock when I realized how hard I hit it,” Rekdal said to the Norwegian paper Dagbladet. “I went over there strait away and said that I was not trying to hit him. It was not intentional.”

And Hauge believes he is telling the truth.

“I did not register what happened, and I therefore believe what Rekdal is saying,” Hauge said. “He apologized after the game. Since I did not see the incident, I can not include it in the game report.”

However, that does not mean that the case is over and done with.

“I have no idea of what the other observes write in their reports,” Hauge said. “They send in their reports independent of me.”

According to most of the people who saw the incident, it appeared as if Rekdal kicked the ball after Hauge with intent to hit him.

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