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Beefy profits on dieting

There are huge profits to collect in the dieting industry as Norwegians buy dieting products for millions in hope of obtaining a perfect figure.

Income statements from a number of companies and persons indicate that 2004 may become a record year for sale of dieting products, according to the Norwegian paper VG.

In addition to the dieting experts Fedon Lindberg and Grete Roede, who have been collecting the major bucks on dieting Norwegians for years, is Celina Midelfart among the people who is now making millions in the industry.

«We see this as a section which is growing considerably, and we are therefore trying to offer top of the line products that meet the increasing demand,» wrote Celina Midelfart in an email to VG.

However, the dieting products are not the only things that are collecting the big bucks; Norwegians are also willing to pay for dieting books.

Among others, Fedon Lindberg’s turnover more than doubled from 2002 to 2003 to NOK 14.4 million (USD 12.2 million).

According to the Association of Herbal Manufacturers and Retailers, Norwegians bought health foods for NOK 1.8 billion (USD 264.68 million) in 2003 where of about half were purchases of vitamins and minerals, while the rest were food supplements and natural products.

The market survey company Euromonitor International calculated the sale of dieting products in Norway to NOK 246.8 million (USD 36.3 million) in 2001, an increase of 56.6 percent from 1997.

If the growth continues, the sale will amount to approximately NOK 350 million (USD 51.5 million) this year.

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