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Beer and weed at revival meeting

Under age kids were high on weed and beer bottles were on the tables in front of them when the police arrived at the revival meeting in Nittedal Saturday night.

The revival meeting was organized by a private person in a large tent close to the town of Åneby in Nittedal. Many of the area’s youth were there, and many of them were under age.

The police received a tip regarding what was going on at the revival meeting and when the police arrived at the scene, they found youngsters high on weed and beer bottles in front of them, according to the paper Romerikes Blad.

“One of the people present admitted right then and there that he had smoked weed during the meeting. Three others are suspected of smoking so they were brought in to be urine tested,” said Jan Erik Fossneset, head of operations at Romeriket police department.

No narcotics were sized, most likely because the weed had already been smoked when the police arrived.

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