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Beer war is illegal

The beer war which has been raging in Norwegian grocery stores is illegal, concluded the Directorate of Health and Social Affairs in report today.

The Directorate of Health and Social Affairs stated that the price war has not been played out within the restrictions of the alcohol law, and it is therefore illegal. The directorate is going to ask Norway’s townships to force the grocery chains to change their prices.

This was revealed in a letter from the directorate, sent to the grocery industry today.

The directorate wrote that it expects the parties involved are going to follow its regulations as soon as possible.

«I’m still not sure if the directorate is right,» said Thomas Angell, director of the Federation of Norwegian commercial and Service Enterprises (HSH). «We wish to look more closely at the decision.»

The Directorate of Health and Social Affairs wrote that it will contact the townships in Norway and ask them to take action if the prices on beer do not change.

A possible sanction will be to revoke the license to sell alcohol for a shorter or longer period of time.

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