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Beheading, alcohol and vandalism

It will be a grotesque mix of desecrating of dead bodies, excessive drinking of spirits and ruthless vandalism when the trial after the desecrating case starts in Norway on Thursday.

The vandals ruined interior worth NOK 68,000 as they broke into a morgue and desecrated dead bodies on 14-15 June.

The main suspect has admitted he beheaded one of the dead bodies.

The 26-year-old has expressed regret that he chopped the head off the body and said he does not understand why he did it.

According to the lawyer of the 26-year-old, the desecrating was a result of drug use.

A total of four people aged 18-26 are charged with the vandalism and desecration, three of them for desecrating dead bodes and all of them for violence to dead bodies and theft. The three oldest are suspect of taking part in the beheading.

A total of three dead bodies were desecrated and one body fell out of the coffin as the suspects were looking for valuables at the bottom of the coffins.

Hashish as 'prize'

The 26-year-old is said to have chopped the head off the dead body as part of a bet where the prize was some hashish. The 26-year-old later showed off the dead body at a party.

The suspects also tried to start one of the ovens in the morgue.

Churchwarden Gjertrud Eide said she is relieved that the trial is about to start:

«We are very happy that the trial is starting now. This case has upset a lot of people in the local community».

The mother of the charged 26-year-old has expressed shock and shame over what happened in June:

«It feels like it is not our son who has done these actions, it is the drugs taking over. He is the kind of person who is too scared to walk down the stairs to the basement of there is a spider in the way. It is impossible for us to understand the details of what our son has done», the mother told Dagbladet.

The case has stirred a lot of reactions in the local community and a number of police officers have accepted psychological assistance after working on the case.

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