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Bibles with advertising was con

Norwegian media were all tricked when protest group Adbusters Norway launched the 'news' that bibles sponsored by advertising were to be offered to school children all over Norway. The whole set-up was a con.

"We did not do this to be funny but because we have a political agenda", Joachim Henriksen told newspaper Vårt Land. The campaign was a protest against advertising in Norwegian schools.

Before the weekend Henriksen was interview by a number of media using the under cover name Dennis Bakke, claiming that thousands of brochures were on their way to schools and congregations.

The planning of the media stunt has been going on since April. By using bibles with McDonalds logos, manipulated ads and a false tip-off to news bureau NTB, the story was published all over Norway.

TV 2 Nettavisen was one of the newspapers that were fooled by Adbusters Norway. On Thursday last week TV 2 Nettavisen published an interview with Jens Brun-Pedersen, leader of the Human Ethical Association, who thought the bibles with advertising were distasteful.

Adbusters is an international network working for less commercialism, advertising and pressure on consumers. Henriksen did not want to comment on who the Norwegian members are.


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