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Big spender partied with neighbour's money

A woman took a real night on the town when her neighbour’s bank card suddenly appeared in her mailbox.

The woman managed to burn off NOK 24,000 (USD 3580) on a single Saturday night. She paid for everything with her neighbour’s bank card.

However, it was not only the neighbour how became a victim of the notorious spender.

In October 2002, the woman got her hands of her step mother’s bank card and decided to take a trip to Newcastle, GB, with her three children.

After the trip and a shopping spree, her step mother had NOK 50,000 (USD 7460) less in her bank account.

Banks, private persons, hotels and PTA groups are among the woman’s victims.

According to the Norwegian paper Bergens Tidende, the woman stole, cheated and embezzled at total of NOK 100,000 (USD 14,900).

Woman is sentenced to pay back the money she had taken, in addition to being sentenced to 150 hours of community service.

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