Billionaire Røkke sells luxury boat

Foto: Scanpix

Norwegian financer Kjell Inge Røkke is about to conclude the sale of his luxury boat “Reverie” to a wealthy American.

14.01.04 11:42

According to the Norwegian financial paper Finansavisen, the American is allegedly willing to pay as much as NOK 400 million (USD 60 million) for the boat. “Reverie” was delivered by the Benetti shipyard at the price of about NOK 500 million (USD 75 million) in 2000.

It is allegedly Røkke’s debt problems which are forcing him to sell off his private assets in addition to a number of shares in different companies. The financer finally managed to sell his luxury private plane of the model Boeing Business Jet this fall, and apparently the next thing going is his boat.

The income from the boat sale will not effect the financial position of Røkke’s parent company Aker RGI because the boat is privately owned through Nopel Shipping, Bermuda.

However, the money from the sale will be connected up against the transaction which became known Tuesday of this week. Røkke transferred all voting power in Aker RGI to himself through a capital expansion directed towards Nopel Shipping.

Furthermore, by selling the boat Røkke gets rid of annual operating expenses in the million range. According to Finansavisen, “Reverie” had a crew of up to 24 persons depending on the number of guests on board.

Nettavisen ønsker en åpen og levende debatt.

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