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Bird deaths up because of drunkeness

Don’t drink and fly. Birds in Oslo become drunk when eating fermented rowanberries, and birds die in great numbers as they fly into windows.

The fermentation in rowanberries is the reason for this tragedy, reported the Norwegian paper Dagsavisen.

Fuglehjelpen i Oslo (the bird aid in Oslo) said the resent increase of bird deaths is due to fermentation in rowanberries and many birds fly drunk and crash into windows. Drunken birds are a problem when there is a so-called rowanberry season.

Pelle Wickström, ornithologist and general manager at Fuglehjelpen, has asked the public to collect birds that fly into windows.

«Catch the living, drunk birds, and put them in a cardboard box with a lid,» Wickström said. «It is not difficult; you can pick them up with their hands. Then call us, and we will collect it as soon as possible.»

The volunteer organization annually helps 500 birds.

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