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Birth control pill possible cause of death

Norwegian Medicines Authority informed that the birth control pill and acne medicine «Diane» may have serious side effects as two women are dead after using the medicine.

«These women got blood cloths in their lungs,» stated Ingebjørg Buajordet, section head at the Norwegian Medicines Authority, to the Norwegian paper Dagsavisen. «The remedy «Diane» has been considered as a possible cause of the death.»

The deaths occurred in 1988 and 2003. Both women were less than 30 years old. Recently a 20-year-old Swedish woman died after using «Diane» for four weeks.

The prescription medicine is currently used by 13,000 Norwegian women annually, and it is supposed to be a remedy against acne and increased hair growth. The authority claims that «Diane» has the same side effects as birth control pills.

Since the medicine was introduced on the Norwegian market in 1981 the Norwegian Medicines Authorities has received 26 reports of side effects, where of 15 were of blood cloths.

In spite of the fact that two women have died in Norway and one in Sweden, the Norwegian Medicines Authority is currently not considering to ban the medicine.

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