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«Black holes» may prevent emergency response

Police, fire department, and ambulance may get communication problems at important locations if Norway was hit by a terror attack due to a poor telecommunication circuit.

According to the Norwegian paper VG, there is a number of so-called «black holes» in the telecommunication circuit where terrorists and criminals may escape because the police can not communicate on the telecommunication circuit.

Parts of the Oslo metro system, important parts of the Oslo fjord, and parts of the highway E6 on Østlandet, are allegedly among the areas where the telecommunication circuit does not work according to standard. Also in the waters outside several counties and several places along the Swedish boarder the telecommunication circuit does not work properly.

The situation for emergency personnel is allegedly even worse than for the police.

Tor Helge Lyngstol, leader of Nødnettprosjektet (emergency network project), said to the paper that it is important to get a system in place that does not break down in emergency situations. A new telecommunication circuit is estimated to about NOK 4 billion (USD 597 million).

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