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Blackmailers wanted millions from Norway's richest

Sist oppdatert:
Two men are arrested suspect of having tried to blackmail millions from Norway's wealthiest couple, Stein Erik Hagen and Mille-Marie Treschow.

The men will be imprisoned, charged with blackmailing, according to VG.

The two men have threatened to release sensitive information about the couple if they refused to pay the money.

«It was a very uncomfortable experience and we were very worried. We received a number of letters where the men threatened to release uncomplimentary information unless we paid them the money», said Hagen.

The two men in their 40s have admitted having written the letters but claim that the case is not about blackmailing.

Stein Erik Hagen has been subjected to blackmailing attempts before. According to magazine Kapital he is good for NOK 9.5 billion whereas his partner, Mille-Marie Treschow's fortune is worth NOK 1.25 billion.

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