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Bloody record attempt in crawling

26 junior high school students crawled on all fours from Sandefjord in order to make it into the Guinness Book of Records on crawling and walking backwards.

Blood, sweat, and most likely a tear or two were probably the result when 26 youths made an attempt to get recorded in the famous book of records. After 19 hours and 36 kilometres, many of the students from Ranvik junior high were so sore that parents and supporters ordered that they had to stop crawling and urged them to do the remaining distance walking backwards.

From Thursday to Saturday afternoon, the students covered an impressing distance of 36 kilometres crawling and 102 kilometres walking backwards.

The event ended at precisely 2 p.m. Saturday when the students walked into Sommerland I Bø, an amusement park.

Weeping wounds
16-year-old Dorthe Wiig Andersen is the person behind organization of the event, and she is one of the fortunate ones who is «only a little» sore on her knees.

«Several of the students have open wounds which are weeping, and they can barely walk,» explained the girl to TV 2 Nettavisen.

The students had bandages on their knees, carpenter’s knee protectors over their pants and protection from the knees to their feet, but this was not enough to prevent open wounds and pains.

«The protection was sliding all over the place,» Wiig Andersen explained.

Applying for the Guinness Book of Records
As soon as all the picture documentation is collected, the leader of the parent’s council at Ranvik junior high, Hans G. Kristiansen, will send an application to Guinness Book of Records.

«The way it works is that you have to make the attempt, and then send in an approval application,» Kristiansen stated. He added that he thought they had a great chance of being accepted into the famed book.

Regardless, the students claim they had a nice trip.

«Cars have been honking, and people waving the entire way, local kindergartens have come out to see us. It’s been really nice,» Andersen concluded.

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