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Body of swedish man found in garbage dumpsters

A Swedish family man said he was afraid something would happen to him, and shortly thereafter his body was found in two different garbage dumpsters on the Spanish coast.

The Swedish family started to miss the 34-year-old from the exclusive vacation area Puerto Banus outside Marbella in Spain Sunday.


The workers sorting the garbage made a terrible discovery when they were working by the conveyer belt Monday, a bag containing a head that was badly beaten, a leg and an arm without a hand, according to the Swedish paper Expressen.

The police organized a search for the rest to body, and Tuesday morning the rest of body was found in San Pedro Alcantara, several miles from Puerto Banus.

In a garbage dumpster outside an apartment complex, a leg, an arm and hand were found. A policeman claimed he recognized the body parts, and they were later identified as belonging to the Swedish man because of the fingerprints. The man was registered in the police’s files.

The 34-year-old man, a family man with small children, came from Borlänge in Dalarna, Sweden. He moved to Spain eight years ago.


The police believe the murderer must have used a chainsaw to divide the body. When the body parts were found, the man had been dead for a day or two. None of the 34-year-olds personal items were found with the body parts, and the police think the murderer washed the body to remove his fingerprints.

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