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Bomb dropped next to occupied cabin

A Dutch fighter jet miscalculated and dropped a bomb 120 meters from an occupied cabin during an allied drill in Norway Thursday.

Grethe Skundberg, spokeswoman at Fellesoperativt headquarters in Stavanger, confirmed this information Thursday night.

“The bomb did not go off when it hit the ground,” Skundberg said to the Norwegian news bureau (NTB). “If it had gone off, the windows in the cabin would have been blown out, but we do not think that the three inspectors who were there would have been in mortal danger even if it had gone off.”

She confirmed that the bomb were supposed to be released at a completely different place at Hjerkinn practice field.

Standard bomb

The bomb was a standard bomb of the type MK 82.

The location has been secured and the bomb will be destroyed within the next couple of days. A group on Norwegian specialists along with the Dutch participants are going to investigate the incident in order to find the reason for the miscalculated drop, according to Skundberg.

The fighter jet was participating in the drill along with F-16 planes from the Netherlands, Belgium and Norway in an allied weapon instruction course. The object of the drill was to educate instructors in weapon use and weapon systems on F-16 planes. The course is also educating fighter plane instructors as councillors in F-16 weapon tactics.

No more live weapons

The course started in the Netherlands May 20, and the least five weeks the participants have been at Hjerkinn for the night and tactic part of the course. This phase in Norway will be concluded on Friday, while the course in its entirety will be concluded in the Netherlands in December.

Air Marshal Arnvid Brage Løvbukten, commander of the air battle unit, said that the military takes cases like these very seriously and that all use of live weapons will be stopped for the rest of the drill in Norway.

The Norwegian Air Force will investigate the case to find out how something like this happened.

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