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Book trade agreement criticised by NCA

The Norwegian Competition Authority (NCA) claims the book trade agreement ought not to remain in place in its current form as it prohibits sale, value added and innovation in the book trade.

The authority stated in a press release that the sale of Norwegian books is expected to monthly increase if the fixed price system is abolished.

The book prices will most likely decrease significantly, at least the most popular titles, and the interest for reading is expected to rise.

The authority states that the existing book trade agreement is greatly reducing the competition.

The agreement is not in accordance to the goals which it is supposed to support or in accordance to the general literary political goals as they are presented in for example the government’s culture statement. The authority states that the agreement therefore ought not to remain in place in its current form.

It is particularly three points in the book trade agreement which may be problematic in connection with the law of competition and may prevent development and added value, makes the customers and general culture political interests suffer. This includes the fixed price system, text book monopoly and the book club regulations.

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