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Boy, 7, suspect of raping girl, 4

Sist oppdatert:
The mother of a 4-year-old girl discovered that her daughter's genitalia were red and swollen. The girl had been raped, but the suspect will not be punished, as he is only 7 years old.

The girl's mother thought her daughter had been raped by an adult and contacted the police in Skåne, Sweden. A doctor who confirmed that someone had put his or her fingers inside the girl's genitalia checked the girl. The police registered the case as a rape.

It turned out that the girl's 7-year-old neighbour is responsible for the assault. The families are friends and their children spend a lot of time together.

Played games

On a couple of occasions the children had been playing sex games that had gone too far. The boy has shown no other signs of abnormal behaviour.

"This is a terrible case for the small community in this town and that is why we do not want to go public with this", said Swedish police.


According to experts the games the children were playing are quite common amongst children.

"The girl might not have experienced the game as wrong in any way. Some times the adults' horrified reaction may be worse to the children than the assault in itself", said a Swedish Professor of child psychiatry.

Doctor Gunilla Thernlund shares this opinion:

"Children can be impulsive and not realise tat the other person is not in on what is happening. The core point is whether the older boy used violence against the girl. If she has marks, it is not a normal sex game. Maybe the boy struggles with issues and takes his frustration out on the girl. In that case he needs help and is important to catch this early", she said.

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