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Boy finds needle in his soda

Alexander Eide from Sunnmøre had already drunk half a bottle of Coca-Cola when he felt something sharp against his tongue.

It was a hypodermic needle.

The 17-year-old had just purchased the bottle of Coca-Cola at a store at Blindheim, Norway.

“I took the bottle from my lips to check,” Eide explained to the local paper Sunnmøreposten.

In the bottle was a one and half centimetre long hypodermic needle.

“At first it fell down again, but I got it out eventually,” Eide stated. “I was actually so unfortunate to prick my finger in the process.”

When Eide became aware of what his soda bottle contained he turned the cap on again and called the consumer number on the bottle’s label. They came and picked up the bottle yesterday.

Testing the bottle
Stein Rømmerud, public affairs and communication director at Coca-Cola Drinker AS in Lørenskog, said that they are currently waiting for the bottle and they will look into the issue.

“It is on its way from Ålesund with a plane,” Rømmerud said to TV 2 Nettavisen. “We will test it together with mattilsynet (the Norwegian Food Safety Authority) as soon as we get it.”


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