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Building of Lidl store stopped

The inspector from the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority claimed that life and health were at stake, and stopped the building of a Lidl store at Larvik, Norway.

After just a couple of minutes at the building site at Skreppestad, Larvik, the inspector ordered immediate building stop, according to the local paper Østlands-Posten.

«When the construction is stopped because it was imminent danger for life and health,» said Jens Hansen from the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority, to the paper. «In this case, there was no railing on the trestlework, the trestlework was not attached to the building, and in addition, the trestlework was not checked and marked that it was approved. I do not close down construction sites for trivial matters.»

In addition to the problems regarding the trestlework, there is no plan for health, environment and safety for the building.

According to the paper, Buer Entreprenør AS, the company hired to construct the building in Larvik for the German grocery giant, had to sign a non-disclosure agreement with Lidl and can therefore not comment on the recent developments.

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