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Buying sex may become illegal

The Christian Democrats (Krf) are standing along among the government parties and at Stortinget with their wish to criminalize the prostitute clients.

Minister of Justice Odd Einar Dørum form the Liberal Party (V) has established a committee that is going to study the pros and cons of criminalizing prostitutes’ clients. Dørum has stated that he is sceptical to the suggestion of criminalizing.

According to the Norwegian daily, Aftenposten, the Liberal Party’s partner in government the Conservatives (H) are not sure it is such a good idea either.

“We are generally speaking sceptical to criminalize buying sex because it will contribute too much of this goes under ground,” said Trond Helleland (H), head of Stortinget’s justice committee.

The Christian Democrats want to criminalize prostitutes’ clients.

“Even if we generally speaking want it criminalized, we will listen to what they learned in Sweden,” said Dagrun Eriksen, Storting president and next leader.

The Socialist Left Party (SV) has not yet decided, and the question is allegedly debated greatly within the party.

“There are strong statements for and against,” said Inga Marte Thorkildsen, SV’s spokesperson on justice questions. She stated that she personally is against such a criminalization.

Karita Bekkemellem Orheim, Stortings member and head of the Labor Party’s women’s issues group, stated that it would be necessary to have new debate within the party if Stortinget was going to decide whether or not to criminalize prostitutes’ clients.

The Progress Party (Frp) is willing to discuss the issue, but the party is currently against a criminalization.

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