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Cab drivers demand cameras

At this year’s wage agreement, cab drivers in Agder demand that cameras are installed in the cabs as violence against drivers is increasing.

«We don’t demand money this year, but safety,» said Erling Solheim, representative for drivers in Agder Taxi in Kristiansand, to the Norwegian television channel NRK. «Our demand in this year’s wage agreement negotiations is therefore that cameras are installed in the cars.»

The instalment of cameras in the cabs will cost between NOK 8,000-10,000 (USD 1180-1470) per car, an expense the cab owners will be required to pay. According to Solheim, this is the reason why the drivers are not focusing on increased salary during this year’s wage negotiations.

Solheim represents the drivers organized in the Norwegian Transport Workers’ Union (NTF). The demand only applies to cars which are driven by organized drivers, something which means that the surveillance equipment should be installed in about 100 cars.

The NTF wants the cameras to be in place before 2006.

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