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Call for equal salary

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Norway still has a problem with equal salary for men and women, and now the government has received an appeal to do something about it.

The large salary differences between the genders are a real obstacle for equality. The average difference in salary between men and women working fulltime is about NOK 50,000 (USD 7,380), stated the Confederation of Higher Education Unions Norway (UHO), the Gender Equality Ombud and the Center for Gender Equality in Norway, in press release issued Thursday.

The groups now demand that the government do something about it.

The development for equal pay has been small. Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik stated, in November of last year, that they had not received the results for equal pay between the genders.

According to the press release, the Gender Equality Act in its current for is not enough to get equal pay in the large salary groups. A consequence of this ought to be that this issue is put on the political agenda, and among other things, an equal salary commission is established.

The last time Norway established such a commission was in 1959 when Norway adopted the ILO convention nr. 100 regarding equal pay, and Likelønnsrådet (equal salary advisory board) was established as a consequence of that.

UHO, the Gender Equality Ombud and the Center for Gender Equality in Norway want the government to work for equality and equal pay by establishing a commission to deal with these issues.

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