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Calls for same VAT for magazines and papers

The Progress party demands that the magazine Se og Hør and the tabloid papers Dagbladet and VG should be treated the same when it comes to value added tax to the government.

The Progress party’s financial politicians claim the difference between the magazines and the papers is so small that they should be treated the same when it comes to VAT.

The magazines currently pay VAT while the papers do not.

Same audience
«We see that Se og Hør, VG and Dagbladet appeal to the same audience,» said Gjermund Hagesæther, Storting member on behalf of the Progress party, to TV 2.

Hagesæther claims there are also several doubt cases regarding what magazines and papers which fall within the VAT requirement of 24 percent and who does not.

A question of fairness
«I think this is a question of fairness, at least for the readers of these magazines,» said Per-Erik Monsen, government representative for the Progress party.

The two of them are not asking the Ministry of Finance to consider the same VAT levels for papers, magazines and some books which looks very much the same and have the same contents.

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