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Car smashed into coffins

Someone must have been watching over the young couple when they Monday night smashed into a stack of empty coffins, according to the local paper Agderposten.

The traffic accident occurred on road 415 between Arendal and Åmli in the southern part of Norway. The road was apparently pure ice, and in a sharp left turn, the female driver lost control over the car.

The car continued strait, flew over a snow covered dirt edge and up a barn bridge, smashed parts of the barn wall and entered the barn which was used as a storage place for coffins by a funeral agency.

When the car finally came to a stop, the entire front of the car was buried by empty coffins. A neighbour witnessed the entire accident from his window.

He said he could hardly believe his eyes when the car came flying through the air and apparently parallel parked in the barn. As he ran over to the car, he feared the worst, but luckily, the couple in the car was uninjured.


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