Carlsen didn't make it

It ended Sunday. Magnus Carlsen, age 13, made a brave attempt, but simply did make it to the second round of the World Chess Championship.

Carlsen and Lev Aronian from Armenia played 1-1 in the two ordinary parties. After a new remise in the first extra play, it became clear that both of them had decided to win the second and final round.

Norway’s great young talent started strong with his version of the Trompovskij attack, but Aronian defended himself as the super grand master he is.

As a result, Carlsen got into trouble and ended up being short of time as the players only had 25 minutes and seconds per move. After a while, Carlsen only had seconds left on the clock, and if you go on overtime, the game is lost.

The press and stress became too much for the 13-year-old debutant from Lommedalen in Bærum. He gave up after 82 moves.

As a consolation, Carlsen received NOK 42,000 (USD 6090) as a thank-you for his efforts and he has gained some valuable experience.

Regardless, Carlsen did very well at his debut at the World Chess Championship. Aronian is ranked as number 51 in the world, and he is a respected player. Aronian pushed Garry Kasparov, who is ranked number one in the world, down to second place in the qualification rounds in Reykjavik Rapid earlier this year, where Carlsen also participated. Carlsen was beat by the very same.

Carlsen is ranked as number 274 in the world on the last official list, and he is the world’s youngest grand master. The young chess wiz is the first Norwegian who has qualified to the World Championship end play in about 20 years.

Among the three Nordic candidates, Peter Heine Nielsen from Denmark is the only one who is playing in the second round. He will continue after playing 2-0 in the ordinary parties. And just as Carlsen is forced to, Sweden’s candidate Evgenij Agrest also has to pack his bags and head home after losing in the extra round.

Nettavisen ønsker en åpen og levende debatt.

Her kan du enkelt bidra med din mening.

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